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Welcome to CastleTopia – an Open-ended Social Life Simulation Free-to-play Video Game and Sandbox Game where you can create a unique mansion with boundless design options.

Unleash your imagination

  • You have the opportunity to create your dream mansion from scratch. Building it brick by brick!
  • The game story is focused on letting you create your dream world. The aim of the video game is to create an environment that is as realistic as possible and the same as the real world.
  • You can find new friends (other video game players) and invite them to walk around your property in first person.
  • Unleash your imagination and create a unique world that’s an expression of you!
  • Explore and customize every detail from the castle to smaller objects.
  • Design incredible rooms, decorate them with your favorite furnishings, colors and decor.
  • Visit different properties where you can meet friends (other video game players) and learn about their game progress and lives.

Our free-to-play video game is designed to relax and eliminate stress!

Play soon on Apple App Store, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, as Online Game and more!

Game Story

Letter from your uncle’s attorney office: 

Castletopia Game Story
Apple App Store, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam

We are planning to release the video game on Steam (for PC, Mac, Linux), as mobile game (Android / iOS), on consoles (Nintendo / Sony / Microsoft) and as an Online Game.
(Since video game development can be a cumbersome process, we can’t yet confirm the final list of platforms or guarantee the video game will be released on all the platforms simultaneously. If there is a new release, backers will receive their copy of the video game as soon as it’s available on their chosen platform, they will not wait for the video game to be released on all the platforms. Backers can choose another platform if their platform release is taking too long.)


Open-ended Social Life Simulation Video Game

The purpose of the game is to make you feel like you are living in a dream world. A parallel world where you have a family, friends and a home which you can take care of.

  • Create your unique dream world where you are able to change and customize almost everything.
  • Make your mansion cozy and inviting.
  • Find new real friends and invite them to visit your property in first person.
  • Participate in different competitive events.
  • Based on the game story you as a player choose a character from a list of different characters.
  • Unique game object arrangement

  • Uniqueness and stylishness gives you the opportunity to win events

  • Mini games are used for earning coins and unlocking game objects

  • Coins are used for purchasing game objects


Uniqueness, stylishness and famousness

  1. Unique game object arrangement everywhere on the game map
  2. Many different Mini games are used for earning coins and unlocking game objects
  3. Coins are used for purchasing game objects
  4. Fame – Uniqueness and stylishness of your Castle gives you the opportunity to win Events and Rewards, and become more Famous
  5. Events – You are comparing your Castle with the other game players
  6. Vote – You can see the other players’ castles and vote for them
  7. Family Castle – You can make friendships or even a family with the other players and together create more stylish, rich and better castle
  8. Group Inventory – You can exchange different objects between you and your friends or family
  9. Marketplace – You can sell or buy objects and other game materials


Dreaminess, teamwork and enthusiasm

The heart of our team are three serial entrepreneur brothers who always wanted to own a castle by the ocean.
Unfortunately this dream didn’t come true. So we decided to create a video game where each player including us can have their own dream castle by the ocean shore.

Our leaders:

Our teams:

  • We have and work with different teams of specialists with many years of experience, which exceeds the total of over 80 professionals.
Our company:
Topia Bros is a gaming studio that aims to create some of the most popular video games that have ever been built.
We believe in the achievement of that goal as Online Creations Ltd (Follol) and The TSD Group have united their efforts, and have skillful specialists who will help for the creation of video games at a competitive global level.

Keep in touch!


Knowing that localization is very important – CastleTopia will launch into early access with English and Bulgarian support.

Shortly after, we will update the video game to support the additional languages seen below.

Language list:

    • English
    • Bulgarian
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • French
    • Arabic


Players will earn game coins and crowns by playing puzzle and logic games.

Players will buy different objects with crowns, like:

    1. Materials which can be used to change the look of your castle, garden, rooms, furniture, cars, etc.
    2. Furniture to decorate your Garden, Cellar and Rooms.
    3. Cars, Yachts, Helicopter, Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski), Water landing airplane, etc. – so you have a rare collection of vehicles.
  1. Outside Castle
  2. Inside Castle
    1. Kitchen
    2. Dining Room
    3. Living Room
    4. Rest Room
    5. Bedrooms
    6. Bathrooms
    7. Gallery with family tree paintings
    8. Cinema
    9. Hall of fame (with different types of sport objects)
    10. Spa
    11. Disco Club
  3. Dungeon
    1. Cellar
    2. Cemetery
    3. Secret Exit to the mountain
  4. Villa in the mountain
  5. Island with beach bars and small villas near and in the ocean
  6. Car Track
  7. Water Sports

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